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Are the doors to your Jeep not coming off as easy as they used to? Our Jeep Wrangler door hinge bushing set can take care of that for you. After all, one of the best parts about owning a Jeep is taking your doors off and going off-road to flex on the normies driving their minivans. Sure, you could take Billy and Jane to soccer practice while listening to Kid Bop 30, but you’d rather hit the trails and get a little dirty. Maybe you prefer taking your Jeep to the game and doing a little tailgating. Nothing beats sitting outside in your Jeep, doors off, meat in your mouth (hotdogs, weirdos), and talking up a few sorority girls. Then, you can take said sorority girl out in your Jeep. Go off-road, find a nice spot somewhere, and hang out with the doors off. Take some lunch and make it a picnic! Before you know it, you’ll have the minivan and Jeep in the driveway, complete with the white picket fence, 2.5 kids, and a dog. Okay, maybe life in Suburbia is a little bit of a stretch. You didn’t buy a Jeep to live a normal domestic life, after all. You got a Jeep because you wanted a modifiable vehicle/off-road machine.

Taking off the doors to your Jeep is about more than looking cool. It gives you increased visibility when you’re off-road so that you can plan out your course. Removing the doors also helps with fuel efficiency. No doors mean that you don’t need the A/C on full blast. The doors also weigh around 50 pounds each. Getting rid of that weight helps you SAVE GAS. Jeep recommends that you keep the doors on when you’re going about your day to day routine, but why would you do that if you’re cruising downtown on a Friday night? Wear a seatbelt, throw on some decent music, and see if your terrible pick-up lines work. Bonus points if you’ve got a dog riding shotgun.

Of course, there’s gonna be some things that you have to do that others don’t for the luxury of going door free. There’s a price of admittance into the cool kids (adult)club, after all. Sometimes, the doors can be hard to get off. You have to disconnect the power cables, loosen the locknuts (not one at a time though, as the pressure on the final bolt can cause it to strip), remove the door straps, and get the door off. Then, you need to find a place to keep the doors and put the head bolts back in. The process isn’t that hard, but it does come with a problem. Eventually, you’ll have to replace the door hinge bushings and liners. Or you could do it right now and save yourself a heck of a time trying to do it later.

 The good thing is that this is a pretty easy and cheap fix. TMR's Jeep wrangler door hinge bushing set is an easy to use option that’s designed to make it easier to get your door off and fix leaks caused by sagging doors. These aren’t some willy-nilly replacement parts, either. We at JeepBeef are not into selling you some cheap nonsense that will break if you breathe on them wrong. These parts are CNC-machined from Dupont Delrin. The best part is that they’re easy to install and come with a tool to get rid of your old factory liners. We only sell parts that we test on our own Jeeps, because much like you, we’re off-road enthusiasts. 


  • CNC-machined from Dupont Delrin
  • Easy to install
  • Optional tool included to get rid of your old factory liners
  • Includes easy to follow instructions


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