Welcome to JPBF Co. Free Shipping on Orders $100+ (excluding parts)

Welcome to JPBF Co. Free Shipping on Orders $100+ (excluding parts)

Premium Fit Sunshades For Your Jeep Wrangler

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Not Burning, Is Hot.

Spiderweb Shades are made of a unique woven mesh that blocks up to 90% of the sun’s dangerous UV rays to keep passengers (your wife), pets (your dog),  and cargo (your sister's boyfriend) up to 27% cooler.

Once installed, your shade will NEVER get in the way, it NEVER needs to be removed and looks great on the trail, at the beach, or (obviously) at your local mall!

Not only will these shades protect you from the harsh sun rays but they cut wind noise so you can finally talk on your phone while driving at 70MPH - Your welcome.


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10 Year Limited Warranty

on any product in the TrailMesh line.

Each Spiderwebshade is a durable, one-to-four-piece mesh top that beautifully fits all Jeep Wrangler YJ 1987-1995, Jeep Wrangler TJ 1997-2006, Jeep JK 2D and 4D Unlimited models 2007-2018, and JL models 2018 to current.

Shades by Spiderweb fit right under your Jeep’s Hard Top, Soft Top, and/or Kini Top - So leave it on forever. No for real, you never have to take it off once you put it on once!

Proudly produced in the United States of America, all Spiderweb Shades are made in Orlando, FL.

Throw Some Shade

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Why People Love Their
Spiderweb Sunshade

Made of a super durable woven mesh, our sunshades are ideal for off-roading enthusiasts and casual jeepers alike.

As the original innovators of the shade top Spiderwebshades have been learning & improving for over 17 years!


Like a Glove

Spiderweb Shades fit right under the Jeep Wrangler Hard Top, Soft Top, and/or Kini Top.

Save Your Marriage

Drastically reduce wind noise (and arguments with your spouse) at highway speeds. 

Throw a Block Party

Spiderweb's Shades block a huge 90% of the sun‘s harmful UV rays.

Friends 'Till The End

TrailMesh is a pet, mildew, and fade resistant and NEVER have to be removed.

Go Topless Anywhere

The Sunshade material resists rips and tears from branches on the trail and flying debris on the road

Friends With Benefits

Backed by world-class Spiderwebshades support & your pals here at JeepBeef.  

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