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Exploring Windrock Off-Road Park With That Jeep Adventure

On this leg of the journey, That Jeep Adventure travels to the outdoorsman’s utopia of Eastern Tennessee to tackle Wind Rock Park, the largest privately-owned riding area in the country.  Located between the ridge and valley of the Appalachians, the park is 73,000 acres of pure, adrenaline-inducing terrain with 300+ miles of trails, waterfalls, windmills and more.  

Follow the crew as they make their way down long stretches of open trail between tough obstacles in a park that captures the rig-rockin’ spirit of true trail riding. Wind Rock Park is a  reminder that riding doesn’t always have to be difficult to be fun. Just make sure your winch is in working condition if you decide to tackle this bucket-list off-road park.

Be sure to follow That Jeep Adventure on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to keep up with their next wild ride. 

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JeepBeef Editors

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