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Keep your head warm and stylin’ while on the coldest journeys. The Trail Toque is made from high quality, ethically sourced materials and designed specifically to wear on the trails (that’s why we call it the Trail Toque).


  • Made with 100% Acrylic Fabric.
  • The Trail Toque acrylic rib knit beanie hat is super lightweight and warm.
  • Warm but light enough to be worn on the trails (or to the mall) year-around.



You know how some people declare everything as a season? There’s ‘pumpkin spice season’, ‘hoodie season’, ‘shorts season’… normally those people would annoy us, but now we’re selling beanies, and guess what? It’s beanie season, bitches! 

The JEEPBEEF Trail Toque (/tooke/ - a knit cap also known as a "beanie", "tuque", or "touque", among other names) combines classic, rugged style with an affinity for Jeep culture and its community of devotees. 

This Trail Toque offers a look that you can wear anywhere, keeping your dome insulated and protected from the harsh environment outside. Yes, we mean everywhere. The mall? Check. The club? Check. On a date? Double-check. Wheeling? Duh. 

The Trail Toque from JEEPBEEF lets everyone know you mean business when it comes to your love and appreciation of all things off-road.

We took a classic design and gave it an upbeat twist that enthusiasts both young and old will enjoy, like what JJ Abrams does with Star Wars movies. 

For men, sport the JEEPBEEF Trail Toque with your favorite coat or jacket for a sleek and sophisticated appearance the ladies will love and your wheeling companions will envy. 

For women, wear the JEEPBEEF Trail Toque with anything. Literally anything. Trust us. Any man that doesn’t appreciate you in a Trail Toque can hit the bricks immediately. 

Bullet points incoming. Our college English professor told us these were important:

  • Designed with warmth in mind. It will keep you snug in cold, unwelcome weather
  • A stylish look that works well anywhere
  • JEEPBEEF branding boldly states your appreciation for the off-road lifestyle.

Live out loud. Order your custom-designed JEEPBEEF Trail Toque Beanie today.

When you get it, wash it.
Washing it will help the fibers relax for a great fit and look!


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