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Show off your antiestablishment views on wheeling, while out wheeling with friends with this Anti-Wheeling Club Long Sleeve Tee. Unlike regular Tees, this one keeps your whole arm covered!


  • 100% Cotton Jersey
  • Preshrunk to Minimize Shrinkage



There have been many great philosophers throughout humanity’s history. Socrates, Aristotle, John Locke, and Voltaire are few of the more famous ones. There is one philosopher that stands out from the rest though, and we’d like to introduce you to him today. His name is Billy Gibbons, known for laying down poetic lyrics with his group ZZ Top. Billy is most famous for saying that “all the girls go crazy for a sharp dressed man”. We can’t confirm this, but we believe he was referring to our Anti-Wheeling Tee. 

Why wouldn’t he reference this long-sleeved tee? It’s made out of 100% cotton, which makes it comfortable. It looks good, which makes it… good looking? You get the point. Put this bad boy on and you’ll walk with a swag that only Keanu Reeves possess. 

We’re not saying that you’ll be as cool as Keeanu, but you’ll see an uptick in your dinner invitations. 

We here at JEEPBEEF are all about that wheeling lifestyle, so you may be thinking, what’s the deal with all this anti-wheeling propaganda I’d be supporting while wearing this treasonous tee? The answer: to blow the minds of all your buddies by being so against wheeling that you can't help but love wheeling... Or just to be ironic.

The best part is that we designed this shirt to be comfortable in any environment. It goes with anything you wear but looks extra nice when you’re wearing a JEEPBEEF Hoodie or Beanie. If you don’t have those items, go order them now. We’ll wait... 

Back? If you didn’t go order those products, we aren’t going to shame you. You’ll do that to yourself when you look in the mirror and realize that your life is incomplete. We will, however, drop some knowledge on you in the form of bullet points. 

  • Made of 100% cotton jersey
  • Preshrunk to minimize shrinkage
  • Guaranteed to make Janice in accounting jealous

We know what you’re thinking: first, how can a tee have so many amazing features? It’s simple really: we’re awesome. Part of what makes us so amazing and cool is how humble we are about the fact that we’re better than any other company selling you merch. Our humility makes us better than the rest. 

If you do want a shot with Janice though, this shirt is your best hope. Get your JEEPBEEF Anti-Wheeling Tee today, and you might just crunch more than numbers.

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