Light Bars & Lockers is a podcast about Jeeps, Jeep Life, Jeep News, and well, you'll see.

Warning - we're new and still trying to figure this whole "Podcast thing" out. So set your expectations low, grab a beverage or 2, and join us as we swap stories, discuss builds, and talk about everything Jeep - from Light Bars to Lockers (see what we did there?).

Image Episode 222

Ep. 222. Adventure Xperience. The Off-Road Event You Definitely Need To Check Out

Hey fam. On today's show we're talking about an amazing annual event & all-inclusive destination wheeling event "Adventure Xperience". Interested in checking out Adventure Xperience...

Image Episode 221

Ep. 221. Light Bars & Lockers @ SEMA 2021

Filming in beautiful Las Vegas, the crew at Light Bars and Lockers attend SEMA 2021 checking out all the awesome Jeeps and rides the show has on display. Jeep Related Question? ...

Image Episode 220

Ep. 220. Top Underrated Upgrades Everyone Forgets To Do

In today's episode, Paul and Ryan go over a big list of underrated Jeep mods. Jeep Related Question? Email us at [email protected] Join our text community (yes, it...

Image Episode 219

Ep. 219. Win a Gladiator! Our Chat With Scott Jones & The American Warrior Garage

Today we're chatting with Scott Jones from The American Warrior Garage and discussing his giveaway of a 2020 Gladiator Rubicon. All proceeds go towards giving back to veterans whom have sac...

Image Episode 218

Ep. 218. Off-roading 101 With Mike from Off-Road Adventures

Today we have a special guest: Mike from Off-Road Adventures here to tell us some off-roading tips and discussing his Jeep 101 class. Check out Off-Road Adventures here Interested in...

Image Episode 217

Ep. 217. Interview with Angel From Seven Slot Society

On today's show, we bring on a special guest: Angel from Seven Slot Society. Check out Seven Slot Society at: Jeep Related Question? Email us at podcasts...

Image Episode 216

Ep. 216. HD Spare Tire Carrier Throw Down

What's up y'all. Tonight we're throwing it down! Battle of the HD Spare Tire Carriers with our Special Guest Dave from CavFab. Join us as we finally answer the question - Which Spare Tire C...

Image Episode 215

Ep. 215. Two Guys, One Michigan Jeep Girl - Feat Krista from Fake Wrenching

On today's show, we bring on a special guest: Krista The Michigan Jeep Girl and owner of Fake Wrenching. Interested in what Fake Wrenching has to offer? Check it out here Jee...

Image Episode 214

Ep. 214. The JL Project: Build Sheet Setup & More

Check out our JL build sheet here Jeep Related Question? Email us at [email protected] Join our text community (yes, it’s really them). Text "Podcast" to 1-716-20...

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