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Top Tires and Wicked Wheels for the Jeep Wrangler

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Let’s face it, Jeep owners are literally digging the off-roading experience with dirt flying everywhere, axles deep in muddy bogs because these are the places we love to call home. Think about the expression, “take care of your feet because your feet take you everywhere” and the same is true for our 4×4 vehicles. We need top-of-the-line tires and wicked wheels as an integral part of our exterior to experience the best in off-roading.

Beginning from the inside out, different brands, styles, and models of wheels are plentiful for dressing up a Wrangler. But Jeeps wheels need to be more than pretty, they need to be top performers to get the most out of 4-wheeling. Tires need to be tough, durable, long-lasting, and full of deep treads with superior traction in order to stand up to the toughest outdoor conditions.

Here are some of the best-of-the-best wheels and tires for today’s Jeep Wrangler owners. We’ll start off with ballistic black interior rims and move onto alloy and chrome trims.

Ballistic Off-Road Jester Wheels


With a solid five-star rating, ballistic is a much better description rather than the comical jester reference. These bad-ass black rims are made from lightweight, hard-hitting aluminum alloy with a sporty crazy eight-spoke design. They include matching center caps, big bolts and dynamic inserts for superior performance when off-roading when getting some serious air.

Fuel Beast Wheels

@steelcitywheelhouse. Image of Fuel Beast Wheel Rims. Instagram.

Jeepers creepers some models of these wheels are a bit on the pricey side, but you’ll be playing in beast mode full-time when your riding on these rims. Another five-star favorite, these deep-lipped, monstrously durable rims are forged from one-piece of superior strength aluminum and come in a number of different finishes including gloss or matte-black and machined. 

Fuel Krank Wheels

@aggiemom3710. Image of Fuel Krank Wheels. Instagram.

Crank it up another notch with another rim with fuel infused inside the title. Get your spidey-senses tingling with eight Y-branching spokes inside a deep-set design to solidify your ride in a dynamic style. Kranks boast load ratings of 2,500-3,500 lbs for those who need to tow, haul and crawl. 

Fuel Vapor Wheels

Third time’s a charm for the fuel mentions and their 12-spoke wheel design really up-the-game leaving the competition in the dust. A forged one-piece construction as seen in the Beast mode cuts down and weight while enhancing strength. 

Ion Alloy Wheels

@rugradu8. Image of Ion Alloy Rims Jeep TJ. Instagram.

From black to silver, Ion Alloy Wheels are ready to attack with a solid core and eight circular cutouts really make these aluminum rims stand out. With a 3,300-lb load rating and a one-year warranty, designers are confident with these wheels.

Vision Warrior Wheels

Vision Warrior is the perfect way to describe these wheels as they’re both aesthetically pleasing and a real fighter on all types of terrain. They come in a wide range of finishes including chrome and their matching center caps make them like a battle shield. They’re built tough to withstand whatever off-roading throws their way and will fight through the gnarliest trails.

Now it’s time to switch gears from wheels to tires to combine the top aspects of both to deliver the best in grip and performance. Much different than street tires, every Jeepster knows tread and traction are all important for the very best in four-wheeling experiences. Check out the surface and depth of these wicked Wrangler shoes.

Super Swamper Tires

@jeeper_80. Image of Super Swamper Tires. Instagram.

It’s all there in the title and the tread is omnipresent in these deeply-grooved (21/32) tires that really dig in during the roughest, wettest, wildest conditions. Although 4-wheelers will pay a pretty penny for these tires, they’re worth the investment. Remember, tires are often the only thing between you and the road being one of the most important safety features Jeep owners will purchase.

Falken WildPeak A/T Jeep Tire

The Falken WildPeak A/T Jeep Tire is easier on the wallet compared to the Swamper but vicious on snowy, icy terrains without compromising on performance on street surfaces. Speaking of performance, the Falken brings in high marks for wet braking, dry handling, tread life and winter performance. 

Goodyear Wrangler MT/R Radial Tire with Kevlar

Almost every word in the description from one of the premium providers in the industry describe this tire to a tee. There’s the notoriety of Goodyear and Wrangler brands, the protection, durability and strength available from of a Kevlar Radial tire.  With reinforced sidewalls, wraparound tread, an asymmetrical design and advanced rubber, these tires will give others a real run for their money.

BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A All-Season Tires

@kangjay_. Image of BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A All-Season Tires. Instagram.

To be fair and highlight another great Wrangler option, we’ll switch focus to the BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A All-Season tires. Self-proclaimed the brand’s “toughest all-terrain tire ever,” there are literally hundreds of positive reviews from happy Wrangler owners who have purchased these tires in the past.  

Dick Cepek Extreme Country All-Terrain Radial Tire

For those in the know, the name Dick Cepek is synonymous with both the great outdoors along with high-quality wheels and tires. Given his lengthy history in off-road circles, it’s no surprise this long title for a tire is not only on this list but this roster wouldn’t be complete without the mention of at least one of his products. 

BONUS: Tire and Wheel Packages

Vendors like Extreme Terrain Outdoor Outfitters offer Jeep Wheel and Tire kits that are customized for specific years and models of these four-wheelers. Whether you’re sporting a JL, JK, TJ or YJ, you’ll find a package that’s perfect for your specific model and type of Wrangler you’re driving. If you don’t like shopping around, getting a tire and wheel package together in one purchase is a good option when a Jeep owner is in search of both of these vital after-market accessories.

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