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Hey Girl, Hop In! Why Your Jeep Is The Ultimate Chick JeepHER Magnet

JeepHER | 5 min read

We often talk about the million and one ways Jeeps can enrich your life. There are perks, benefits, and tips to enjoying your best Jeep existence. What others might not tell you, owning a Jeep means you can be a hit with the ladies too. Today, we thought we’d break down a slightly sarcastic, fun list of ways your Jeep can be the ultimate chick magnet.

The Daisy Duke Effect

Daisy Duke with her CJ-7 Jeep Dixie 

Sometimes girls just want to be one of the guys. It’s much like Daisy Duke from “Dukes of Hazzard” days of old. Now there’s a lady who can drive a stick, kick some bad guys over a bar table, and look good doing it. Some women love that empowerment and find themselves drawn to the Jeep lifestyle, or at least, to the guy living his own Jeep life. When you identify your Daisy, invite her in!

Jeeps Are Fun. Thus You Must Be Too

What does your car say about you? If you’re in a used station wagon or a smart car, people might assume you’re a family man or an environmentally conscious student. Think about it now as a Jeep owner. Even if your Jeep isn’t lifted or built out for ultimate wheeling, it says you’re fun. You live free and in the moment. You aren’t afraid of a little rain with the top down, and you like the wind in your hair. Women prefer to hang out with fun guys. Your Jeep may not say precisely who you are as a man. But, as a first impression to the ladies, you’re probably the life of the party and up for a fun time.

Jeep Dudes Are Adventurous Risk-Takers

@mudskipper_lj. Image of a risk taker. Instagram.

Driving a Jeep means you’re open to adventures. You might just be tooling through the city, but people who see you, assume that you probably aren’t afraid to go off-road. You can blast through the snow and mud. You take risks, even if the only mild danger you find yourself facing is the chance you won’t make that drive home with the top down, before the approaching storm hits. Taking risks and being adventurous means you might be the “bad boy.” Embrace that persona, and you won’t find yourself riding solo very often at all.

Jeeps Pull Fun Things

Jeeps can pull things too, fun things like boats, jet skis, and snowmobiles. This means you like to enjoy your extracurricular activities. It also means, there’s never a shortage of date nights or fun weekends with friends. Pulling things also means you have the ability to save the day. You can pull a stranded car from the ditch, for example. That almost makes you a hero.

She’ll Want to Drive It

@jeepbabe11. Image of a Jeep Girl. Instagram.

Believe it or not, chicks may be drawn to your Jeep because well, they want to drive it. Don’t be surprised to hear her ask if it’s her turn yet to take the wheel, about date two or three. She may want to demonstrate her ability to operate a manual transmission. It may be that she just wants the chance to settle in the driver’s seat, adjust the mirrors, and hit the open road. Consider using this to your advantage if you’re looking to make conversation with a crush too. Walk up, introduce yourself, and offer to let her drive. Trust us. It works.

Jeeps Can Be Romantic Night Out

Girls may be all about the risk-taking, adventurous lifestyle. But, every lady looks forward to an opportunity for a romantic moment. Jeeps are perfect for creating such an environment. Imagine driving your special lady friend on a scenic tour through the country. You park on a ridge overlooking the city below. Or, maybe you’re in the middle of nowhere, but you drop the top and watch the meteor shower. Even the softer side of Jeeps can be a magnet for the gals.

It’s a Conversation Starter, Literally Every Time

If you’ve owned your Jeep for a while, you know it’s a great conversation starter. It works in person but is a powerhouse for connecting on social media. Go ahead and post fun pictures of your Jeep adventures and see how many female likes you get. You may even get messages right away. If you’re shy, having a Jeep is the best icebreaker you can have.

They Want to Be in the Jeep Club

@wrangleradvs. Image of JeepHer with her JL. Instagram.

It’s a Jeep thing. Women want to be a part of that society. They want to hang with guys and new friends who have fun, live free, and enjoy the Jeep life. Once you’re in the club, you’re privy to the wave and the lingo. Some ladies may live by the motto, if you can’t buy your own Jeep, date someone who drives one.

It’s Like A Convertible, for Dudes

Girls love convertible vehicles. While they may enjoy a Jeep as a primary vehicle for themselves, it might be too manly, too big, or too much for some gals. For this crowd, enjoying the company of a man and his Jeep means the best of both worlds. Girls want to enjoy the, “Jeep hair, don’t care” freedom.

Climbing Up

Believe it or not, in some parts of the country, the boys with the biggest rides have all the fun. Girls, similarly, tend to be drawn to those tall, climb-up rides for the best time. If you’re lifted and you find a gal-pal who doesn’t mind hoisting herself into the seat, you may have found your soulmate.


Listen, we know not all girls are drawn to Jeep loving dudes. As a matter of fact, some of the most fun Jeep enthusiasts are girls. But hey, if you’re a guy, looking for a lady friend to join you on your Jeep adventures, you won’t have to look far. As a Jeep owner, you won’t have to borrow your friend’s puppy to walk in the park, hoping to connect with someone cool. Instead, post some pics. Start a conversation. Offer to let her drive. You’ll find you’ll always have a companion in the passenger seat.

Have some tips or fun ideas for living your best Jeep life, let us know in the comments section below!

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