TMR Customs 2.5 TON Jeep JK Steering Kit


Bent steering linkages putting your Jeep JK out of commission? Make sure it doesn’t happen again with TMR Customs Steering Kit.

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You wanna know why you need a Jeep JK steering stabilizer? Because it’s your patriotic duty to drive your Jeep to places that no other vehicle can get to. If you don’t believe us, allow us to explain.

There are a few things that represent the spirit of America. Apple pies, hotdogs, football, big cars, beautiful women, explosions, jacuzzis, jacuzzis in the back of a big car with beautiful women throwing a football to each other while riding away from an explosion...#merica.

Now, add Jeeps to that list. Jeeps were a part of the American culture well before jacuzzis, and way before girls started wearing pants that showed more than their ankles. Before you were born, Jeeps were helping our boys fight in a World War, driving them over fields of Europe in style.

In 1940, the US Army was worried that the United States would find themselves in the middle of the War that had just broken out in Europe, so they asked automakers for a vehicle that could handle multiple terrains. Willys-Overland (Jeep) answered with the 4x4, and the Army ordered 16,000 revised MB models.

Once the US joined the war, soldiers and their MBs formed emotional bonds, much like we do with our Jeeps today. The MB was more than a kick-ass way to get around Europe and impress some French ladies. It was literally a lifesaver. It allowed soldiers to travel over terrain in a matter of minutes that took other wartime vehicles hours to get across. While Germans were riding around with sidecars that could barely get across a river, Jeeps were climbing up rocky hills. It was the first (but not last) time a Jeep would flex on normie vehicles.

How important was the MB to the cause? One was given a purple heart and sent home because of valiant service. US Army Chief of Staff General George C. Marshall called the Jeep “America’s greatest contribution to modern warfare”. Marshall wasn’t what we would call a “softie” by any standard. This guy led the boys into World War II for crying out loud, so any compliment from him is a big deal.

After the war, Jeeps found their way into the garages of civilians, with returning soldiers often buying them first. After all, if they were good enough for the battlefields of Europe, they were good enough for the streets of Columbus, Ohio.

What does this have to do with our Jeep JK steering stabilizer?

If you want to experience the same thrills that those brave men did in the 1940’s, well, you can’t. Sorry, but they were fighting the good fight. We’re watching Bob’s Burgers and chugging craft beers on our leather sofas. It’s like comparing apples to elephants. You can, however, appreciate what they went through so we could spend our spare time off-roading instead of burning books.

When you take your Jeep off-road, there are three things you’re going to need. First, get a flag. A big ol' beautiful flag. Let everyone know who you’re reppin while you’re climbing up the side of a mountain.

Second, you need some good tunes. While we can all appreciate the vocal talents of Adele, you need something more intense. Get yourself some AC/DC, Guns'N Roses, and Greenday. This is America, the land of rock and roll.

Third, you need this Jeep JK steering upgrade. Why? That’s a silly question, but we’ll answer it for you - we’re humanitarians at heart.

The Jeep JK steering stabilizer lets you wheel with confidence, or cruise the highway without dealing with death wobble. This kit gives you ultimate control over your Jeep no matter what terrain you’re riding on and will be the end to bent steering linkages (no seriously, give 'em hell).

Of course, if you’re going to honor Jeep’s legacy and represent for America, you need something made in North America. Not only is this steering kit made in an allied country, but it’s also CNC machined to ensure durability and strength.

This kit doesn’t require too much in the way of technical knowledge. You don’t need to be a gear head to put it on. It’s 100% bolt-on in place, with no welding, no other modifications required. But go ahead, tell everyone you’re a master mechanic. Your secret is safe with us.

You will need a 1-3/4” OD clamp to attach the hydraulic assist ram, or other brackets to attach aftermarket steering stabilizers, but it does come with CNC machined wrench flats to make jam nut tightening easy!

So go ahead, take your doors off, enjoy the great outdoors, and know that your Jeep is ready to handle any terrain you throw at it.

So, get your hotdogs, fireworks, and American flag ready. Get wheeling and celebrate the legacy of your Jeep and the brave soldiers that it helped to victory in World War II. With the Jeep JK steering stabilizer, you’ll be able to go wherever you choose to celebrate the red, white, and blue.


  • Eliminates death wobble - Boom!
  • Better control over your Jeep despite the terrain
  • No more bent steering linkages
  • CNC machined for durability and strength
  • Made in Canada
  • Includes CNC machined wrench flats