Welcome to JPBF Co. Free Shipping on Orders $100+ (excluding parts)

Welcome to JPBF Co. Free Shipping on Orders $100+ (excluding parts)

Off-Roadeo 2023 @ AOAA


Event Info:

Hey there JPBF fam! Ever wanted to feel the wind in your hair (assuming you have hair), dirt on your face, and experience those “Heck yeah, I just drive over that!” moments with the JPBF Crew? Well, here’s your chance! Welcome to the 2023 Off-Roadeo at AOAA.

What To Expect

  1. A Casual Wheeling Day: We're not about those stiff, uptight gatherings. If you're idea of a good time is a strcit itinerary, this isn't likely the best event for you. But if you're into going with the flow and having a good time with some awesome people, let's get our hands dirty (literally) together on some of the gnarliest trails in PA! 
  2. The Best People: Expect to wheel with some of the best Jeep peeps around. Ambassadors, customers, and possibly that one guy who always forgets to bring snacks.
  3. Limited Spots: Yup, this ain’t a huge rave, folks. It’s a Party with a few good people. So, if you snooze, you... well don't snooze. Simple.
  4. Grab Bag Goodies: We know you get thirsty – hence, a water-packed grab bag. For everything else, there's... well, your preparation. Do bring lunch. No one likes a hangry off-roader.
  5. Dinner Plans? For those who still have energy after battling gnarly obsticals all day, we're invading a nearby restaurant. 


What's Covered?

If you've decided to join us - amazing. The cost to attend is totally on us because that's just how we roll. But the park admission, dinner, and whatever mayhem you're planning for after, that's on you, superstar. Don't forget to bring your wallet!


What Else?

Insta-Moments: Got a flair for dramatic angles and scenic snaps? Rad, this is your stage. Besides, if your rig doesn’t show up on our feed, did it even happen?

Prizes: Nope, not really. But we’ve got some standard gear and discounts up for grabs. We promise you'll love it!

Classic Shenanigans: Don't ask, just come prepared. Remember, what happens at the Off-Roadeo, stays at... well, probably ends up on the gram.

Clear your schedule, give your Jeep a pep talk, and come make some memories!

Need more deets? Shoot a message or just register already. 😉

The Agenda

This is how we see the event shaping up: think good times and mischief with a go-with-the-flow vibe. Just like a box of chocolates,  come prepared for anything ;).

Day 1 Sat, Aug. 19
9:00 am

Show up, check in, get your wristband.

9:30 | Driver Meeting

Quick chat to discuss what is cool and what is not while on the trails. You know, the usual driver mumbo-jumbo!.

10:00AM | Roll-Out

We ride!

12:00PM | Lunch

45 min lunch break. It's BYOL, or in other words, bring yo' own shit. Mmm Engine Dogs are a local fave.

5PM | Off The Trail

Wrap things up and gather 'round. Chat about the gnarly trails and reminisce on the day's close calls and good times.

6PM | Dinner With a Twist

Instead of the usual, this year we're descending on a local eatery for some pub grub and a beverage or two. Remember, safety first - no drinking and driving!

Let's do this thing!

Are you in? Can't wait to see you. (Note: Space is very limited)