Welcome to JPBF Co. Free Shipping on Orders $100+ (excluding parts)

Welcome to JPBF Co. Free Shipping on Orders $100+ (excluding parts)


Welcome To The JPBF Off-Roadeo. Our goal with the Off-Roadeo (thanks Bronco for stealing our name btw ;p) is to give back and get out with our amazing community of wheeling enthusiasts and Jeepers.


Off-Roadeo at Rausch Creek, Pennsylvania

What To Expect

Happening at one of the favorite off road parks, we hope you'll join us for a day filled with gnarly trails, food, and good vibing with friends old & new. It's going be an incredible experience so don't miss out — space is super limited.

(although we’re #teamjeep, all off-road vehicles are welcome so long as they’re safe for those riding and those in your group)

Off-Roadeo Sponsors

Big Thanks To Our Friends & Partners

The Agenda

This is how we see things shaping up for the event. It's likely to be a day of shamrocks & shenanigans so be prepared for anything ;).

Day 1 Saturday, Aug 20
8:30AM | Check-in

Show up, check in, get your wristband.

9AM | Driver Meeting

Quick chat to discuss what is cool and what is not, while on the trails. You know, the usual driver mumbo-jumbo!.

9:30AM | Roll-Out

We ride at dawn (ish).. 9:30 am to be exact. The fun officially starts now.

12:00PM | Lunch

60 min lunch break. It's BYOL, or in other words, bring yo' own shit. Trailside sandwiches are a local fave.


The JPBF crew's turn to rip up the grill. Free food baby.

6PM | Awards, Prizes & Whatnot

Awards go out to those who participated during the day, and a special thank you to our sponsors!

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions we hear often or have asked ourselves when attending other 4x4 events. Have a question of your own, feel free to join our Discord Chat and ask our helpful off-road community.

Is this event open to stock Jeeps?

Technically yes. That said, it depends on how many stock Jeeps we have registred. We will be dividing groups by skill level. If we have only one stock Jeep, we may ask you to hop in with someone else. 

We're not charging a thing. The only fee you can expect to pay is the cost of a driver/passenger, paid directly to Rausch. For example, if you're a park member, it's not going to cost you a dime in addtional costs (unless you break something — aint nothing we can do about that ;)

Easy, click the button below. We need to limit the numbers this time around so get signed up asap!

Yup, it sure is. Can't promise your kids won't here some "grown-up" words, but we're all about family friendly fun. Should be a blast for the whole family.


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