Welcome to JPBF Co. Free Shipping on Orders $100+ (excluding parts)

Welcome to JPBF Co. Free Shipping on Orders $100+ (excluding parts)

Content Creators.
Product Owners.

We're building a dream team of writers, photographers, and content creators. If you're looking for a way to promote yourself, get real-world exposure, and grow your brand, partner with JeepBeef

Get rewarded for what you love
Whether you’re a popular Blogger, Vlogger, or Instagrammer, JeepBeef will help get your content in front of our huge audience of Jeepers and JeepHERs.

While we can’t guarantee we will publish every article, video, or photo, read on and increase your chances of being part of our worldwide movement. 

Meet Matt from That Jeep Adventure.

Content Creator & JeepBeef Ambassador.

How It Works 


Participating as an ambassador get’s your articles, photos, & videos published to JPBF Mag, and potentially posted to our homepage & shared on social media.

Ambassadors take part in special giveaways and will have their content published to JeepBeef Off-Roading Mag,  + will have the opportunity to move through the tiers.



Being a JeepBeef Content Creator includes:

  • Contributing articles photos or videos for publication on JPBF Mag.
  • Social media publicity & promotion.
  • Collaborator Bio Page on JeepBeef.com
  • Sweet (free) JeepBeef swag.
  • Access to exclusive giveaways & discounts from our sponsors & partners.

* Upon acceptance into the program, you’ll receive a welcome package, be invited to join an Elite JeepBeef Facebook group, and receive a discount code for the JPBF Shoppe - BOOM. 



More info coming...


Note: Contributors & Collaborators are accepted based on content quality. Social media followers & engagement will be taken into consideration, however, we don’t require a specific number of fans or followers. 

Applying is simple. Fill out the application form below, tell us about yourself & pitch a content/video idea or two.

What We Want

  • Articles & reviews Jeep people will love, ranging from 500 - 2500 words.
  • Real-world Jeep stories (“Crazy Times in Moab” or your “Killer Road Trip to SEMA”) 
  • Solutions to Jeeper problems (How to re-mount your tire using lighter fluid and a match). 
  • Product reviews (Doesn’t have to be a Jeep product. Outdoor equipment or products the Jeep community would love are welcome too).


What We Don't Want

  • Fluff or articles about that time you drove home with your top off (JEEP top, lads).
  • Articles we can find in other places on the net. 
  • Fiction stories 


What You Should Know

What Qualifications Do I Need?

Our content creators must have a proven track record of creating compelling content. We value quality over quantity but we will want to see some examples of your content in order to make an informed decision.

How am I Rewarded?

We want to keep our writers wheeling—It keeps you happy, gives you even more to say here, and adds to JeepBeef's deep pool of experience and expertise! With that said, compensation is as follows.

  • Level 1: Paid in Instagram fame! We'd love to share your articles with our followers. Hey - everyone's got to start somewhere, right?
  • Level 2: Paid - sort of. We will "Feature" your content on the JeepBeef Homepage, and will promote your content via our promotional channels. You'll receive a discount code to the JPFB Shop that doesn't expire and you'll be invited to an Elite JeepBeef Facebook page where we pass along discounts & free stuff. Trust us when we say, that's almost as good as getting paid.
  • Level 3: Yes! After we've had "the talk" and you're officially part of the team. You will be paid accordingly for your articles moving forward. 

Have questions? Email us for more details.

But I'm Not A Professional Writer.

We want JeepBeef to be the definitive source for high quality, accurate information for our readers, which is why we’re coming to you—the expert wheeling enthusiast—for your help and knowledge!

Being passionate about Jeeps, wheeling, adventure, or whatever you’re writing about is far more important to us than whether or not you’ve been published anywhere before. You’re the ones who have been out there and done it which makes you the best people to write about it!

That being said, we’re choosy about the information we publish and the people who write it. We hold every piece to a high standard and we’re willing to work with you to get your writing to that level.


Get Rewarded & Share Your Content With The Jeep World