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Welcome to JPBF Co. Free Shipping on Orders $100+ (excluding parts)

Light Bars and Lockers , Season 1

Ep. 102 – Rust Happens. How To Repair, & Protect Your Jeep.

Paul Chesher JeepBeef Co.
Ryan Stoangi Combat Off Road
Tim Rogers TMR Customs

After a chilly winter has passed and the snow begins to melt, spring maintenance is right around the corner for our Jeeps. In this episode, the boys discuss the importance of proper spring maintenance and what you can do to avoid turning your Jeep into a rust bucket!

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Undercover Sunshade – 4 Door (JKU)
Undercover Sunshade – 4 Door (JLU)

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Audio Transcript

What's up and welcome to episode one of light bars and lockers the show where we talk about basically everything jeep. Do you have a question? Feel free to leave a comment below or email us at Subscribe. No, not subscribe, email us that podcast at Gps dot com. We'll go back to you. Well, maybe add your question to an upcoming episode. My name is paul, one of the co hosts here and my job is community manager at GPS, meaning that as we build this online community together, I get to work with fine folks like you joining us today, two of the biggest experts in the off road industry.

We've got Ryan stew, angie, ceo of combat off road and off road addiction, combat if you're not familiar with them, they build some really quality products for your jeep and they cover everything from fuel doors to fender flares to low, center of gravity lifts and pretty much everything in between. A lot of the products are great because for people like me, I can just order them up, get into my house, throw them in and then I can feel like I'm actually wrenching on my jeep, making it my own.

On the other side, we've got tim Rogers from T. M. R. Customs and TMR basically fabricate some of the best parts in the off road industry. I mean seriously, are you seeing King of Hammers, any sort of off road racing or any sort of quality giant builds? In most cases they're going to have some products from, off from T. M. R. Customs. They just simply make quality products. This show, we're going to answer questions from real people just like you. So if you have a question, let us know.

Um and yeah, hopefully entertain a little bit past some knowledge if you're interested in staying up to date with upcoming shows, smash the like button hit subscribe, join us on gps dot com. Sign up for the newsletter. We'll let you know whenever a new show comes out and for now let's get into it. Show number one, I promise it's gonna get better as we go. I think we're all a little bit new to this, but That's it. Here we are. Episode one. Let's get into it. How about we go?

All right, welcome everyone to like bars and locker is the show where we talk about everything jeeps off roading mods and pretty much whatever the hell we want to talk about that has to do with Gps. I'm paul your host and today we are joined by two amazing co hosts. We have a Ryan stew angie ceo of combat off road and tim Rogers, president of T. M. R. Customs Today Marks Episode one. So Let's get into it. The first thing for today, we're gonna do a quick introduction over two co hosts uh starting with Ryan stew, angie Ceo of combat off road.

Uh Ryan, tell us a little bit of a combat yourself and your experiences off road enthusiasts. Alright, so comment off road, just kind of, we developed it uh just necessity for us to, you know where you want to develop some products that we liked and uh somewhere we could touch everybody so it didn't have to be hyper specific. Like anyone can use a variety of our products. We basically do focus on the JK JL platforms. Um they're the most popular right now. And uh yeah, I just always wanted to make stuff, I started out in the retail environment and installation environment, which we still have, it would be our like 16 year going.

So yeah, that's what I want to do man, I want to travel and beat up stuff and test products and kind of like what Tim does looks like our products are a little more mainstream that way. He's got a pretty good catalogue of builder parts. So we're like a lot of our stuff is like bolton put on, you know, anyone can doing the driveway and we do have a whole bunch of other stuff we're in development, so we're pretty new on that aspect, but you know, minus the covid stuff.

Well, we're on track to do some other things and released products messages a little delay, but we're going to be around for a while and keep pushing and hopefully we'll see everybody at some different events and like I said, we're here on the show to help answer some questions and you know, really? That's kind of we're doing just having some fun, right? Trying to have fun, build stuff and enjoy ourselves. Amazing. Okay, good stuff. And so question I know that you have a number of vendors across the US outside of Gps dot com, of course. Where's the best place for people to check out everything the combat has to offer? Well, you know, on the Gps dot com site like you mentioned, but we have our Combat Four by Four dot com is our factory site. We do have sales off there, but we just run like a regular price platform there and then we're here to help all our vendors to, right? So like Dude Racing is a big one for us, jeep World is a big one for us. There's there's really like, there's a couple of 100 like online sites and then we're just starting some gold rush jeep. And down in Georgia has got some stuff in the store and we got Espino brothers in southwest texas. They got some stuff on the show on the storefront. There there's quite a few. I probably have to really like pop a list of what's going on. You just use that one. That's easy, eat well too. Right. Yeah, exactly. All right, amazing. Okay. And you know what I see as we're on the topic, let's talk about your daily driver real quick. Is it uh, is it a jeep? Because it's an off road vehicle? As far as, I mean I understand you have a corvette but as far as the off road side of things. Yeah, I kind of, I kind of just jumping a bunch of different stuff, but right now I'm pretty much driving a 2018 Rubicon jail. And then we had on 37 for last season with our 2. 5 inch low center of gravity lifting it. And then now we created uh aluminum long arm kit for it. Right now, it's kind of in the hoist we've been picking away at it because we did have a show scheduled to go and then it got Kailash. So here we kind of took the window of ourselves for a bit and uh we're just getting back on it, so we're gonna run that with 41 a half because I didn't get I wanted forties, but no one had the forties I wanted. So we went a little bigger, so that will be the machine will drive around and I'm sure my wife will see like, because she's good at that and then she'll break. It does get that. So it should be pretty funny. That would be the one and we got another JK on the forties and then we have another JK on forties and then we got a T. J. On 37 so we got a bunch of jeep machines and we got a bunch of diesel pickups and stuff but as soon as the weather turns nice I'll take the roof and doors off the toaster and driving around. For sure. Alright amazing. Yeah for sure we'll follow the J. L. As you get it up on the 40 ones and uh you know we'll be sure to check back in so awesome. Well thanks for joining us, really appreciate it. Okay so second co host we have tim Rogers who is the president of T. M. R. Customs and if you have seen basically any jeeps anywhere you've likely seen T. M. R. Customs logo on it because it seems like every time I'm on instagram, every time I turn on the Tv watch, King of Hammers, what have you? There's the TMR logos on on one of the rigs out there so tim really appreciate you joining us. Maybe give us a 20,000 ft view of T. M. R. Customs for the few people watching this that haven't heard of who it is that you are and what it is that you do for sure. So my brother Mike and I, my name's Tim we found co founded T. M. R. Customs in 2000 and eight. So I guess 2020 would be our 12 year business. We're designing, manufacture our line of parts for jeeps and opera specific applications don't make parts or pick up trucks, we don't make our accessories were strictly off road parts with that said the bulk of our business is building parts so for D. I. Y. Customers who like to cut grind weld and fabricate. Uh and we've got extensive lineup, cheap stuff as well, so cheap bumpers, cheap skid plates, telling door bushings, which you mentioned earlier are big one for us. And just in general are more for your, a lot of what we do is customers really want to customize their vehicle for off road only purposes. So you might have had a jeep for five years, 10 years. Hopefully the parents are long behind you and maybe you want to make it just strictly a toy for off road use. So we want to throw some one ton axles under it. You might want to throw a bigger motor in it. That's where we can really help you out with those hard parts to take your jeep to that extreme off road purpose application. Amazing. Okay, good stuff. And the same question. I know, I know for sure you've got super cheap and you've got your T. J. Maybe tell us a little bit of a couple of those toys that you have kicking around. Yeah for sure. So being that we're in the rust belt, I park most of my stuff for the winter because I don't want it uh degrading and not being around so uh daily when the weather's crap, I drive 2015 Rubicon Jackie on 37 and then when the weather is good and some summer toys can come out. I've got a L. S. Three swap JK on one tons and 42. I've got our T. J. Bill this one forties teacher is actually pretty cool. It's a 2000 and I've had it since new. It was actually uh the first jeep I bought it was our first shot bill the timber customs that developed a ton of the products that we still sell to this date. And I don't use it a time because we both got other stuff on development like this new energy bill or a racing program manufacturer, cheap chassis kit. So I got some customers asked me like, would you ever sell that jeep or whatever if I didn't own it from new? No, but because I've owned it, I'm like, I want to keep that thing and I tell my kids, I mean just bury me into adam for me and give me the dirt nap in that thing. So it will be around forever. It's currently just chilling in our showroom until like Ryan said, the weather is good and we can get the tops off and And get some projects out and have some fun out there. All right, cool. That's awesome. So I, I actually have two questions for it. one you see right on 37th annual Rubicon but no left right. Yeah. So it's it's just a street banger by no means what you want to off road in this machine. But it's 37 inch Nitto trail grapplers and clearance wise it's got fender flares from EMC heat. They do like a flat fender that gives you some additional clearance and they were right T. M. R. Customs control arms adjustable obviously so we can get the wheel centered within the wheel. Well because even from factory they're not, you can send them up and that gave it the clearances we need and for wrap around town. Yeah, it's a fun machine. Yeah. Yeah. I get customers that are like, oh yeah. I wrote down. I'm like, no, no, no. That's literally for that gets when Covid ain't around that gets the kids to school, gets me to work And back. But no, you were you would not throw that thing. Yeah. Yeah, I know. It looks sick. I remember seeing for the first time, I'm just thinking like how did you get 37s underneath that thing? You know, without the left and it looks sick. It looks great, so very cool. Uh and then the second question was LS, did you consider a hemi or did you always just want to go with the L. S. We know for eyes. LS was no brainer. I'm not knocking the heavy stuff, I just don't have experience with it. Um, in our race, chassis and race platforms were all LS based. So like the first to like to cast, we built like a six liter LQ nine and then the next one we built is just to create LS three. So when it came to doing the swap in the J. K. I just wanted the same thing. I know those motors last in terms of reliability are wise, they're awesome, they're kind of fun to drive and there was great aftermarket support for putting that kid into a g. We basically bought a kit for biotech, they're located in las Vegas and it was just a swap kit so it was straightforward. Obviously can do the same with the Happy and I'm not knocking it but because of our experience with the LS were huge, huge fans of that platform, that's where he went that road. Cool, Glad you're here with us. I know that between the two of you we've got an absolute wealth of knowledge and we're going to be able to help a lot of people get their questions answered. Perfect. Okay, good, awesome. Well thanks guys. Okay, so the next one will just quickly do the product of the week and then I think we're pretty much, you know, you can wrap her up for this time, I think it's good. So okay, so each week we're going to cover a different product, do our best to find something that's incredibly useful and in most cases affordable for any off road enthusiasts, you know, something that the average cheaper can grab and throw onto their jeep and ideally it'll be something that's perhaps new to the market or something that's almost like a staple being our first week, we're going to start with the T. M. R. Customs Delloreen door hinge liners, which is a mouthful to say, I know, but I'm going to pass it over to tim here, who uh I mean quite frankly, I would assume is the inventor of said door liners to just sort of go through the product themselves and tell us why they are so necessary. And believe me, if you haven't heard of them yet, um you likely will because they are necessary. So tim tell us a little bit about the door liners. Perfect. So we originally designed those for T. J. Because we had a number of local customers approaches and said their doors were difficult to take off or when they got them off the factory bushing was basically wore out, The door would slop around, then it can sit crooked and leak. Um So we looked up at the factory was doing and we're really happy with what the factory did because they made a terrible piece. It's basically a steel liner. Now you have a steel door pin and it obviously it's going to rust and corrode and swell and fail. So we made those for T. J. At first they were decent seller and then obviously we've evolved and make them for JK jail and gladiator as well. The JK ones are best seller being that you've got four doors on the jeep now and we find a lot of people unless you've got a family or kids and people in and out of the back doors all the time, those back doors seize up like we get people calls and like I can barely open the back door of my jeep and now it's summertime and I want to take that door off. So we saw this replacement bushing, it's made from gelatin which is a Dupont branded plastic CNC machine them in house. And there's a simple, very simple product, it comes with the tools so you can knock the old one out, it's effectively a driver to pound the old factory liner out. But basically got that junk steel liner out our door and one just pushes in by thumb, you can't hammer it, you just push it right in and now your doors will come off easy, they'll move more freely and it'll be better aligned. So if the door was sagging before it was leaking it's gonna fix that for you as well. So it's a super simple product that you said comes in at an affordable price point and anyone can do that in their driveway. The most difficult part of the whole installation is getting your old doors off. But once they're off our products a snapped install. Okay. Amazing. Great. And uh Ryan, you mentioned that you you say you had them on the J. K. Yeah. Then are we on our reach environment? We sell, we sell a lot of times products, but yeah we've had the door liners and I don't even know how long like a bunch of years probably since you since when did you release those door lines? I can't remember. You probably got like one of the early early J. Case that's for sure as soon as you got that. Yeah because I've had that since 2012. So they probably went in I don't know whenever maybe 13. So they've been in there for like 567 years. And like you said if your doors we've even found people with doors that don't come off on the trucks only your jeep 20 year old you know what I mean? So it's um and my my doors come up whenever I want them to come off and we're not all that nice to that GDP there you know what I mean? Like it's his dirty for a while it gets beat up, you know? It drives all year, it's spent a couple of winners in the showroom. But yeah, this we just we hammer it. So yeah, basically one time, however many years ago we pop them in and they still work. So there is real deal, I can't show him say, but keeps at home. Yeah, I'm really happy with the product, you know I mean, Jim didn't pay me a dollar, I had to pay for my fucking liners. So, So yeah, I'm not being paid to say that, like it's a great product for sure. And I think if anyone seven door challenges, get those off and stick those lines in right away or if you're lucky enough to get your doors off easy, save yourself the hassle and change those things out, you know what I mean? Yeah, for sure. Yeah, that's what happened. We had three come off, no problem. The fourth one, you know, we had, I don't know where do you think we use a couple of hockey sticks and you know, I got my kid out there trying to like hold on to it. Yeah, it was a pain in the ass. It was like a media, it was a no brainer. Obviously we have to replace this. Well, I have seen people like floor jack, like get up, get a four by four and a floor jack under the door and all of a sudden they're like, hoping they see it move a little and they get a couple more pumps and all of a sudden they kick the door, you know what I mean? Like? Yeah, so it's uh, it's dangerous. I think if you're really having trouble with the doors and you want to save your paint on your hands is and don't want to buckle the door, just get some penetrate and just keep at it like I'm talking like a couple of weeks like you stop at the grocery store, get the little bottle penetrating spray that shit rock the door, get a little bit of force like hand under one on the pillar and underneath the door and just lean up and just just move it 78 10 times and then you're gonna have to do all the doors. People are gonna think you're looking for a contact lens or something. But you do that. I'm all around all the time just as a habit and then hopefully they'll free up because if you got a torch, those hood hinges are, sorry those door hinges, you're gonna lose that paint unless you plan on changing those at the same time. You know what I'm going to say, let's hinge, but that'd be the safest way to try. So the old wood in the door and the floor, Jack gotta be real careful and then I think penetrate and just being patient. So I was starting now because it's not going to be nice and some of the spaces for a while, you know, a couple more weeks so we get some weather. So you got some time to get those doors off and order up those uh liners. Don't think they'll take long a couple of days. Yeah, they're, they're ready to roll with getting orders out, yep, awesome. We're here steven live in saving doors. There you go. Exactly. We'll put a link in the notes below and show notes itself on GPS dot com. You'll be able to pick them up there or of course T M R customs dot com of course, let's, let's start with questions. So, you know, we're always asked about, you know, various things when it comes to jeep world, you know, often questions pop up, you'll see them on facebook. Oftentimes you'll see the same questions over and over again. I don't know how many times I've seen and you know, this is, this is me, I've seen, you know, what's the maximum size of tires and wheels you can put on without a left on a j k D J jail on almost a daily basis. So part of this segment we wanna work on and help our audience answer questions that they may have and then, you know, we'll throw it up in the show notes so they can always refer back to it. And I think there's no better resource than the two of you to help answer these questions. So if you have any questions and you want, you know, answers from two of the top people in the industry feel free to send them in at the end of the show, I'll show you where to to send those or just leave comments below. Um so the first question we have is from chi chi, I believe it's how you say it. The question here is how capable is a stock Wrangler when it comes to wheeling. You know, I'll let I'll let tim you start with this and then we'll go over to Ryan because I know Ryan you run the one on one series events. Um so I believe stock jeeps make an appearance of those, but um, tim let's start, let's start on, on your opinion. I think if you've never been off road before, I don't have any experience. Stock jeep is gonna go far further than you never anticipate in terms of brain that it could tackle and what its capabilities are being. If you've never been out or having it, don't have experience with it limitations, really going to be your own skill set and your own confidence. That's why it makes sense to if allowed to go out with a group like you're pitching like Ryan sandwich is one of one weekends and that gets someone more senior, more experienced, then you to show you your jeep can go here because it'll go places you have, you can never imagine. I know even paul we went out, we limit yours. That's relatively stock is last year and I think you were surprised by the capabilities and where you can point a stock jeep and where it will go. So yeah, I think the idea of what Ryan's doing is awesome and hopefully get you out. But yeah, in terms of a stock jeep, it'll go a lot further than most people realize. I mean, most people want to modify them immediately for cosmetic gains more than anything when you first started out, I find. But a stock is pretty capable of in the box. Absolutely. Yeah. No, and you're right. I mean, I have more or less a stock. It's a black bear edition with a three inch lift and 35. That's really the only thing outside of like, I think it's got a 373 gear ratio, which is a little bit better than the, you know, the stock sport or what have you. But other than that, yeah, you're right. It like was awesome. Like I was very impressed with how well it kept up with everyone else, so Right. Yeah, you're take, yeah, I think like tim's bang on that for sure. Um, then I encourage people to go out stock first. You know, unless unless you do want cosmetics, like in our retail environment, cosmetics, you know, it rules the world here to want to make your vehicle, you know onto itself. You like kind of express you an extension of you. So it makes sense. But if you wanted to do it for solely like trails or something like that, I would encourage you to try to first stock like a, like a one on one event or a good jeep club or a different federation or someone to join where you can go and do those things. That would be what I would do first and then kind of figure out if you like it, even, maybe you just like driving to the beach, Maybe you're just like going to the mall, maybe you'll get it, but maybe maybe you're like, hey, I really love going off roading, so what can I do with my money to make it the most successful based on, you know what I've experienced, right? And then it's an evolution to like, like tim said your skill set, right? Like my skill says Much different than it was 10, 15, 20 years ago or to the first time I got to drive my jeep after I got running, you know what I mean? So big difference and you kinda just involved with it. It's kind of like a, you know, it's like, it's like raising a child in the weirdest way, right? Like, oh cool, I'm gonna do this thing, I'm going to try this out, I'm going to add this part, so it's exciting. You know, some people just go, hey boom, I'm going to do it all right now and then other people go, you know what, I'm just going to gradually go through it and then sometimes you choose something and then it's different for you. So then you go back. So I would say, yeah, try it out. You're gonna be pleasantly surprised with the vehicle off road bone stock. And there are some things, you know, if you're thinking about buying a jeep and you're thinking about, you know, I really would like off road, there's some things you can do if you're going for newer use, you can email it to us here and we give you some tips. Like the 373 is a good move. You know what I mean? You think you're gonna put a bigger tire on it. Um, obviously you're really going off and you've got the extra change, You're gonna want to go like a Rubicon, You want that 41 case in the 4 10 gear if you can. And those lockers, you know what I mean? If you can get that out of the box and then, and then there's those other things, you know, if you already know, hey, I'm just gonna build this crazy machine, then you probably want to get a base machine, will hat coat all that stuff and throw in some won tons and some fancy steering and you know, it's just, it's such a loaded question, right? But yeah, it's case by case and everyone a little different. And then like you change sometimes you don't know what you want until you've already experienced it, right? We get customers like that. And I'm like, oh, I wish I would have went here first. I said, well, you know, we give you recommendations, but you didn't know until I experienced it. So just, it's just the right of passage at that point. You know, you're just getting into it and it's just it's a hobby, right? So that's what it is. You spend money into the hobby and you learn you about you and your things yourself. So Yeah, no, that's great actually keeping in that same frame of thought. You know, we so Gps there were just bought a Rubicon. So but we're still in the process because they're impossible to find believe it or not. You can't find out. So unless you want a black one, which is fine. But you know, you know, we were cases about it. Uh No, but you know, we typically have silver or with I think what we're trying to find is like uh it's more of a matte color.

Make a little bit different, a little bit standoffish if you will and you know, keeping the overall theme, but at the end of the day, that's not, I mean, I really don't care about the colour, right? You know, it comes down to making the decision between, you know, what you're going to do with it and and what you want to buy stock, right? So, you know, we opted to go with the Rubicon for exactly that, for the lockers, the sway bar disconnect the 4 10 gear ratio and so that we, you know, can use it.

And uh, you know, we have uh some awesome steering and steering kit from TMR and aluminum steering kit that we're gonna throw in there. We've got uh a couple of other people have submitted some products and what have you that they want us to test on the jail. So, but with that being said, one question that we struggled with and I would be interested to hear both of your takes is the four cylinder versus the six cylinder and we still haven't made up that mind. I'm personally leaning actually towards the four cylinder which I wasn't before.

But after doing some research, you know from what I've heard, the four cylinder seems to be pretty awesome. But I'd love to get your opinion on that Ryan. Let's go back to you and then we'll switch over to town. Yeah. Well yeah so the V six the 3. 6 is actually a different monster than the J. K. 3.6. So even though it sounds like it's the same motor is tried tested and such it's it's actually a bit of a variation to the the original 36 But I'm a big power adder guy, you know what I mean?

So I like the idea of the the four cylinder turbo and I like the idea of being able to modify it, you know what I mean? I heard a few things about it where, you know, it's had some challenges, but you're going to get that with mass production anyways, right? Like two or three people get upset because something happened and then all of a sudden it condemns two or three million vehicles. Right? So I have the, I have the 3. 6 in our jail, but uh the turbo wasn't that when we bought that one?

So I think uh I would lean towards the turbo, right? You know, you can change it, you know, up the booze mess a little bit, you know, I'm sure people be doing all that and uh maybe get a sweet blow off valve, you know? Nice. Yeah, that's awesome. Cool. Alright, tim What uh what what are your thoughts? Yeah, it's definitely loaded question if you're trying to do research online, a lot of people uh with the turbo seem extremely happy with it, vice versa. Most people the V six are happy with it too.

But I think what's important when looking for that feedback is people that actually own them because you're going to get a lot of these six people just Pile onto that four cylinder and say it's no good, there's reliability issues, it's new. So I thank you like anything when you're doing research, it really got to vet the source and uh to me unless they have experience with both, like how valuable really is your feedback. But in reading about it seems like a lot of people that own both or went from the V six to the forest Center.

It seems like a lot of people like that turbo motor, especially for straight years. A lot of people say it's got, it's got better jam, It's more fun to drive and obviously it's seeing greater mileage, but I guess you just really got to look at how long you're going to have a jeep for and what your ultimate goals are. To me. I think the conservative approach would be the V6 because it's been around a little longer most proven platform, but for people that own both from what I hear from seeing the pants feel that Turbo motors a lot of fun.

Okay, awesome. I love it. Okay, so no actual consensus. I love it. It's a discussion. All right. No, no, that's not exactly it. And that's exactly it because it's a pros in constant, right? It's like what's better on the trails, what's going to be? I'll tell you this right now though, I haven't had anything but emanuel since I, you know, I don't know for 20 years I would say. But actually after talking to tim last time I think I I am actually considering a manual and I'm sorry an automatic.

Um you know, and just because you know when I, you know, I've got a family and stuff like that as well, but you can't get the turbo within a manual uh and you know for off roading and what have you, you know, we're all over taking it to moab and you know what we can do out there and you know, hitting some some pretty gnarly things, you know, um taking it to different shows and what have you and I just watched people going up the like rock face and all I think about is if I'm in manual, you know like if you're halfway up that that you know 40 degree angle.

Yeah, it's all skill set man. That's it. Exactly yeah, I mean here or there. I mean I bought we ordered the manual jail Rubicon and then I've seen on the internet a lot of like housing blowing to pieces and all this stuff. So it's super cool because I cut my truck to pieces so I'm stuck with it no matter what that thing out. But uh yeah, it's just, it's just learning how to drive off road period and then learning how to drive on your vehicle. So if you learn how to drive on the manual, if you're going to improve on the manual, if you learn how to drive on the auto you're gonna prove on the auto.

So yeah, it just depends on you if you want to bang through gears through town or not, you know what I mean? Like offer is too bad. If you're just going to go up something, you just pick one gear and go and if you're a little range and if you need a little more wheel speed through something or whatever, you just pick, you can launch in second gear or even third gear and like you're just good, you just get off the clutch, it's really, it's not too bad.

You just, it's all practiced sure enough, that makes life. But if you're more comfortable you think going off road with an auto and you know, just having the kids in the car, people messing around all the time, just do auto. No shame, No shame in the auto. Yeah, yeah, if you feel like hammering out some gears, I mean, I think the auto is more responsive, you know what I mean? Than uh than the manual. You know, they're not racecar trainings by any stretch. So I did like the jail training when it was new, super smooth. But I find I got, I don't know, I think maybe about 50,000 km on that motor and tranny and uh, the clutch is a little weird, like little spongy. We didn't really do much to it. Like I never really beat it up. Like it was in the mud and Georgia bunch, but really not. I didn't subversive or anything and I'm pretty reasonably experienced, you know, driving vehicles period. So I mean I never double clutching or in question water or anything like that. And I find there's a few characteristics with the manual that's challenging with that particular model.

I haven't blown it up yet. And uh, so we'll see. I mean we can, that can be a future how to fuck that shit right up. Yeah, Okay go awesome. Okay so this one's again I loaded questions super subjective but again I think that just some guidance in the right direction will really help this person. This person came in without her name. Uh This question came in without her name but you know we help them. Well we'll ever set this question. Just leave a comment below and like well I'm going to strain my brain I answer for.

Yeah Okay so the question is can I purchase a reliable Wrangler for under $6,000? And if so what should I be looking for when I saw him do want to start with this one? Yeah I would I would say yeah in the United States, outside of the Salt Belt. Yeah you could find something definitely. I'd be looking for 600 T. J. Four Leader Even Sky Club. There's those motors last forever. They're probably the most durable motor jeeps ever put in anything. So yeah, if you if you can find it's gonna be T. J. For sure I feel southern us.


Yeah, no problem. If we want to start talking about getting into the northeast and the rust belt anywhere where they use salt or brine on the road or anywhere in Canada in my opinion, that's pretty tight on budget to get something reliable. You could get yourself a toy for that money, have something to bang around town in the summer, hit some trails, you could definitely get, you could get your fund money out of that quite easily. But if we're talking six grand your budget for daily driver, if it's something that's that's seen a lot of salt and rust and corrosion just because the age of it, I don't think reliability is going to be at the forefront of that vehicles. Strength.


Okay, fair enough brian? Yeah, I think tim's right, I mean, but if he does go even more south and then uh, you know, you can probably find a YJ, if you like to square headlight look or a C. J. Like if you're looking for like a nostalgic kind of vehicle, you can probably, you know, twist somebody's arm and get into one of those. But Tim was saying you want to find something if you're in those areas like Arizona, you know, even like inland florida or you know what I'm talking about, where there's no salt and no nonsense and you're good.


But anywhere, you know, michigan, you know, anywhere you get salt and snow and stuff, you're going to have a challenge. And there's, there's little things to look for. You know what I mean? Like frame rotting sections, like everyone has telltale signs, you know, for I think you'll never find a YJ there that's worth that kind of money period like someone's gonna want like 15 grand and you know, it will be in a little box or something. But yeah, you do T. J and if you want, if you never been in a jeep, you probably don't want to watch J, you know, unless you like riding in a horse and wagon, I stay away from them.


But yeah, the teachers are great for link coils, you know what I mean? We got a few of them here, like my wife's TJ, she's had since like oh five and then we build a team T. J just for the guys that work here that don't have jeeps and four wheel drives and want to come out for a while and so I actually drove this morning, just get a role and then uh yeah, it's a good little little beast but jeez I want about 12, jesus, I gotta sell that one, so double you, double your money on that one, okay. Yeah.

All right, okay. You know that wraps it up for I think this week anymore questions, obviously the community has tons of them and like I said, we have to really great resources here with both Tim and Ryan. So leave a comment below and any questions that we see that two gentlemen here you can answer will scoop them up and throw them into another episode. Alternatively, feel free to send an email to podcasts Gps dot com and we'll make sure it gets to the right people and like I said, you know, follow up episode, we will answer those um Great. Mhm Hey, you're still here, You stuck around, wow, thank you so much. I hope you learned something. If you did smash the like button below, give us some subscribe, make sure that you're staying up to date when we launch new shows, should be every week. Uh feel free to visit us at Gps dot com and uh throwing your name in the newsletter and we'll make sure that whenever there is a new show, whether ours or somebody else's, you'll get a notification And yeah, Hey, I really appreciate it. Episode one in the books we are done. Have an awesome day, awesome. Take care.

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