Welcome to JPBF Co. Free Shipping on Orders $100+ (excluding parts)

Welcome to JPBF Co. Free Shipping on Orders $100+ (excluding parts)

Light Bars and Lockers , Season 1

Ep 108. Axles and Axle Upgrades. Moving Beyond Stock Axles (Tons & More) – PART 2 of 2

Paul Chesher JeepBeef Co.
Ryan Stoangi Combat Off Road
Tim Rogers TMR Customs

Continuing from last week’s episode, the boys dig deep into Jeep axle upgrades, going beyond the stock axle, and answer some hard-hitting questions. What are the additional costs to consider? If you’re not handy, how can you make some upgrades out of your skill-set?

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0:00 – Paul Introduces the Show
0:32 – Introductions
7:40 – Ford Bronco Tangent
11:48 – Going Beyond the Stock Axle
20:35 – Product of the Week
29:43 – How to upgrade out of your skillset
33:23 – Additional Costs to Consider
38:27 – The order of upgrades
46:43 – What the boy’s are up to

Product of the Week

– TMR Customs Jeep JK Front Axle Swap Bracket Kit –
– TMR Customs Jeep JK Rear Axle Swap Bracket Kit –

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